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The Untold Story of Rod Blagojevich by Matthew D. Hutcheson (© 2020)

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Author, Matt Hutcheson, to Release New Book “HERO, Man in the Arena, The Untold Story of Rod Blagojevich”

Rod Blagojevich was charged with corruption and sentenced to 14 years in prison. Matt Hutcheson’s book will expose all the lies and intrigues that led to the incarceration of the man Americans love to call “the gov”

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: March 2020 – American stories of heroism have always inspired the generation of young people. In the spirit of continuing the tradition, Matt Hutcheson through the publisher, Jay Inman, has just released the book titled “HERO, Man in the Arena, The Untold Story of Rod Blagojevich.”

The book discusses the life of Rod Blagojevich in very exciting details, from his Amateur boxing career to his political ambition as he became the governor of Illinois in 2003. 

Readers will be able to discover what most people do not know about this intriguing and controversial personality. 

In addition to the incredible stories, readers will also learn about what Matt Hutcheson, a federal prisoner who lived a few cells down from the former governor at the Englewood federal prison camp, has to say about him.

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Matt Hutcheson is an author with insight, always taking his audience on an incredible journey of discovery. The purpose of this book about Rod Blagojevich is to enlighten the public regarding the true nature of the man, against the falsehood peddled in the major news media. 

The book is an eye-opener for people who seek and desire the truth and are ready to face the facts, rather than to put their entire faith on the traditional news media. 

Matt Hutcheson is motivated by nothing but the desire to expose the truth about this matter and to let the whole world see. The author’s assertions in this book are based on research and testimonials by those who are witnesses of what truly transpired. 

There is much to learn and understand in this book, not just because of the personality involved, but because, for human society to progress, the truth must overcome sentiments and falsehood. 

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The Untold Story of Rod Blagojevich

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Near the Border of Yugoslavia, Kosovo Province

March 31, 1999

Staff Sergeant Christopher Stone (25) of Smith’s Creek, Michigan, drove his patrol Humvee through a dangerous section of Macedonia known for Yugoslavian special forces attacks. The day started out crisp and wet, 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Mud covered the lower half of the patrol vehicle. 

The patrol also consisted of Staff Sergeant Andrew Ramirez (24) of Los Angeles, California, and Specialist Steven Gonzales (21) of Huntsville, Texas.

As the Humvee crept along, Sergeant Stone felt a sense of foreboding. Experienced soldiers sometimes feel the presence of an imminent attack in advance. The feeling is said to be like an injection of cold, thick fluid into one’s veins. The body goes into fight mode.

Suddenly, machine gun fire erupted from all around. The Humvee was surrounded by enemy soldiers. Machine gun fire from Yugoslavian Zastava M72 assault weapons using 7.62x39mm ammunition peppered the Humvee. 

Specialist Gonzales tried to access the .50-caliber machine gun through the hatch in the roof of the Humvee, but had to duck back inside when bullets sprayed everywhere around him. By Divine protection, he was not hit, but he could not man his weapon to defend the patrol vehicle. 

Hypersonic machine gun bullets began to penetrate the Humvee’s armor. Some made it into the engine and it began to smoke. In the chaos, Sergeant Stone ran the Humvee into a ditch. The smoking engine died, choking in armor-piercing bullets.

Twenty Yugoslavian special forces soldiers began to tighten the noose, unleashing a torrent of bullets into the Humvee. Sergeant Stone grabbed the radio and called for help.

“We are taking direct fire! I repeat, we are trapped; they’re all around us. We can’t get out!”

Thinking Specialist Gonzales was shot or dead and believing that there was no way out with their lives, Sergeant Stone raised his hands in surrender. The other two followed.

Yugoslavian special forces ripped open the doors of the Humvee and pulled the three American soldiers to the still cold from winter ground. The cold but not freezing water soaked through their uniforms to the skin. While on the ground, the special forces began to punch and kick the American soldiers. One Yugoslav grabbed one of the American soldier’s rifles and beat him with it until the buttstock broke. 

The prisoners of war were marched through Kosovo Province with black sacks over their heads and their hands cuffed behind their backs. One of the Yugoslav special forces’ leaders kept a loaded and cocked pistol to the head of Sergeant Stone, invoking claps and cheers from locals who also participated by throwing rocks at the Americans. 

That evening, after the Americans had been paraded around all day in a victory celebration of sorts, they were placed into an interrogation holding facility. The bags remained on their heads. Their hands remained cuffed behind their backs. Food was provided once that day.

Specialist Gonzales whispered to Sergeant Stone, “Are we going to die?”

Then silence.

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