Inspiring Quotes by Matthew D. Hutcheson

Inspiring Quotes by Matthew D. Hutcheson

The evils that society labors under find their origin in prison. Like an infection that spreads from a cut to an entire limb, prison is the source of the infection, inmates are the carriers, and society contracts the illness.

Matthew D. Hutcheson. Quinny, chapter 33, pages 115-116. 

In the end, Quinny came to know one thing for certain, as summed up by Leo Tolstoy’s dictum: ‘The only certain happiness in life is to live for others.’ Certain happiness awaits the hearts of all those wounded on December 8, 1999, for Quinny is living his life for Wakado. Few know the depth of his courage. ‘Don’t be scared.’

Matthew D. Hutcheson. Quinny, Epilogue, page 153. 

Melissa Calusinski, a former day-care worker who was exonerated of murder, is highlighted in Time’s INNOCENCE. She makes it so simple for anyone to understand how Wakado and Quinny found themselves in such a terrible predicament. She says, ‘I confessed because I was terrified,’ and ‘They don’t know what I was put through in order for me to confess.’  So it was with Wakado and Quinny.

Matthew D. Hutcheson. Quinny, Final Word, page 154. 

[Y]ou may ask, ‘are we not living in especially dangerous times?  Is the country not in an absolute state of peril, more so than at any other time in history?’  Well, frankly, the answer to that question, is ‘no, not really.’

Matthew D. Hutcheson. In Defense of America, “The American Hypothesis.”

The America of today, if truth be told, is in no worse shape than she was ten, twenty, or even one hundred years ago.  She is stronger and actually improving.

Matthew D. Hutcheson. In Defense of America,  “The American Hypothesis.” 

We nearly lost the Revolutionary War on at least two separate occasions were it not for rogue winter storms that wrecked the Redcoats’ visibility in one instance, and drove back their boats and warships in another.  The Civil War was also nearly lost but for the Confederacy having misplaced its battle plans and strategic documents in an abandoned tent, later to be found by a Union scout. These events are not luck. They are caused by a Being, more intelligent than, and superior to, us.  We then conclude that this Supremely Intelligent and Benevolent Being wants America to exist and go on existing.  

Matthew D. Hutcheson. In Defense of America, “The American Hypothesis.”

It might surprise most readers to know that America’s destiny has been absolutely littered by an almost bizarre series of impossibly close-calls, extending far beyond those of our Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  Further examples include the United States’ narrowly winning the race against Germany to construct World War II’s first atomic bomb – and in the 11th hour to break the enigma code.

Matthew D. Hutcheson. In Defense of America, “The American Hypothesis.” 

It is not the point…to showcase America’s propensity for running a tight race – although she has done just that.  The point here is to highlight America’s iron-clad perseverance, which when considered in its proper historical context, has been absolutely miraculous.

Matthew D. Hutcheson. In Defense of America, “The American Hypothesis.”

So, what does history have to say, overall, about America?  Is she good? Is she bad? Does Manifest Destiny actually exist, or was it all just a bit of excessive exuberance coupled with the coincidences and circumstances of the day?  If we could pick just one universal trait to define our nation, what might that trait be? Although this last question is a tough one, to be sure, our Nation has existed for long enough for us to have a good look at her pedigree – and she is, by all accounts, unique. 

Matthew D. Hutcheson. In Defense of America, “The American Hypothesis.”

History has shown us, time and time again, that America’s people are a diverse and complicated bunch.  We are a multi-talented tapestry of enormous untapped potential – quietly surging, nearly glowing – as we bend and sway against the political and economic wind gusts of the day.

Matthew D. Hutcheson. In Defense of America, “The American Hypothesis.”

It is precisely these qualities, a sense of unpredictability tempered with hope, that has somehow been infused into our Constitution – and is embodied there – stamping its manifest presence onto our destiny. 

Matthew D. Hutcheson. In Defense of America, “The American Hypothesis.”

Thus ordained, America has led us over, or through, almost every imaginable obstacle, surviving both reformation and greed, revolution and war – and as always, we will persist, we will adapt, we will prevail.  America always will. It is the American Hypothesis.

Matthew D. Hutcheson. In Defense of America, “The American Hypothesis.”

America can claim moral superiority over all other nations.  It has the power to destroy ALL OTHER nations or assume control over them right now, but it does not.  America is virtuous and benevolent. It provides economic relief to over 100 nations. Americans are the most generous people on earth.  We produce the most. We create new things. We innovate and experiment. We find cures to diseases and share them with the world. We have revolutionized communications, travel, medical advancements, food production, water distribution, and more.  All of those things originated here in America. Almighty God ordained our founding fathers to make it possible. You see, nothing makes a man’s thoughts more sharp than when he is under the threat of life or death. The belief that America could ultimately be what it is today, threatened to deliver death to the founding fathers and their families, yet they persisted and prevailed.  They were good men of excellent, superior moral virtue. Yes, they were human, and they made mistakes. In balance, when compared to all other great men throughout history, they measure out as the greatest who ever lived.

Matthew D. Hutcheson. In Defense of America.”Independence Day 2019″ Message, July 6, 2019. 

America is great.  We are a great, loving, generous, compassionate, creative, hardworking people.  Why is America the greatest nation on earth? Why is it exceptional? It is simple.  America enables her people to produce RESULTS.  

Matthew D. Hutcheson. In Defense of America.”Independence Day 2019″ Message, July 6, 2019.

I remain in curious expectation of the unexpected.

Matthew D. Hutcheson

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  1. Words are tools. In the hands of builders they lay an unshakable foundation and set a framework to match blueprints and plumb lines.
    Words convey an artistry in design connoting feelings that are established within a person’s soul thus creating a legacy seen for generations to come.
    Matthew D Hutcheson is an anointed builder .
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