A Poem About Matthew D. Hutcheson, Written by His Mother, Carol Hutcheson

For Matt

The darkness hangs heavy in prison 

Gray, cold, oppressive, threatening, hopeless

Filled with fear, dominated with doubt, dank with despair

A congregation of convicted—druggies, deviates, deceivers

Somewhere someone curses God, one bullies his buddy, another wastes away, 

But not so for my son Matt.   

Despite being falsely framed, politically punished, repeatedly rejected,

He’s a brave beacon blocking the black.

From the darkness he sends updates, memorializes memories, authors novels

Sometimes on a paper pad with the floppy inside of ballpoint pen

Sometimes at an aged typewriter or a down-level computer.

He prepares legal motions for freedom

He writes about people he’s met

He testifies about faith in his Savior

He sends letters which multiply love

Amidst ignorance, he teaches knowledge

Amidst despair, he offers hope

Against fear, he commands courage

In darkness, he radiates light.

                    Carol M. Hutcheson