Matthew Hutcheson’s Inspiring Message to Coalition Members


I humbly thank each and every one of you for joining this exceptional opportunity to right over 15,000 wrongs.

Although the FFETFs reign of terror is over, the consequences in the lives of those we love remain. It must also come to an end.

This journey began in June, 2018, when Annette, my wife, reminded me of a paragraph in the press release issued by the DOJ the day I was sentenced. It stated that I was going to prison because of the efforts of the FFETF.

Since June 2018, I have spent many hours each day researching and investigating the FFETF and its players. I have brought all of my professional training and experience gained while advising the US Senate and House to bear in this nullification initiative.

In March 2019 I was transferred to the prison camp at FCI Englewood, Colorado. There I met
many of your loved ones: Bruce Prevost, Douglas Swenson, Chris Camut, John Holdaway,
Oleg Vasilyev and many others. I have grown to love and respect each of them.

Now, we have come together to accomplish what some may call impossible. One day those
same people will see this initial call as a miracle in progress.

One of my heroes, Winston Churchill, made this statement during a wartime speech on August 20, 1940:

Never was so much owed by so many to so few.”

There are only a few of us engaged in this cause. However, to thousands of American children, spouses, and other loved ones, success here will have equal meaning and emotional impact as to those Churchill addressed.

We are literally moving a mountain that has for too long refused to move, yet it will soon.

Leonard Bernstein, in his essay, “The Mountain Disappears,” said:

One human being who meets with injustice can render invalid the entire system which
had dispensed it

Each of you is “that one” human being.

Working together, we will render invalid the FFETF and all its actions and effects.

May God smile upon this anointed endeavor, and may He bless all of you for your selfless

Matthew Hutcheson

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