“Patriot in Prison” – Chapter 14 – Capitalism v. Socialism

Argument for Socialism Destroyed by Federal Prisoner.


Chapter 14 of “Patriot in Prison” is now free to the public. Download it below.

Questions? Contact Jay Inman or Ryan Hutcheson via BelloHutch@gmail.com.

Ever wonder what goes on in prison? What might it be like to be a proverbial fly-on-the-wall during a life changing discussion in prison with dozens of inmates? Now is your chance to peek inside. Join us in reliving a truly remarkable five week discussion about liberty, America, capitalism, socialism, and more. The class, taught by Matthew Hutcheson at FCI Terminal Island, California, forever altered the lives of dozens of inmate-students for the better.


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The 23 pages you are about to read were written by a federal prisoner, Matthew D. Hutcheson, under the extreme conditions of solitary confinement sometime between November 16, 2015 and March 24, 2016.  It was written by pen and paper, without source materials, and transcribed by his mother. It memorializes a five week prison-sponsored class at FCI Terminal Island, California.  The class was intended to be about entrepreneurialism, but instead evolved into a political discussion on freedom, socialism, capitalism and more. Prepare to be inspired and informed.  This prisoner-sourced document, soon to be published as part of a book titled, ‘Patriot in Prison,’ will be one of the most important explanations of liberty and America you will ever read.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jerry L. Melchisedeck, Sr., Lt Col USAF (Ret).
Jay Inman, Lt Col US Army (Ret).
Robert Gilbeau, Fmr. Rear Admiral US Navy (Ret).
Lee Ofner, DDS
John Jenkins, JD

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For more about Matthew D. Hutcheson, and other writings, visit www.bellohutch.com maintained by Lt. Colonel, Jay Inman.  (In Latin, “Bello” means “fight for.”)

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Reactions to “Patriot in Prison” – Chapter 14 – Capitalism v. Socialism

People at last have a way of seeing and explaining what they have known in their gut!


It’s the best explanation of how capitalism is not evil…it was a wonderful read and I can hardly wait to read more.


Only God! Subject alone is compelling! Content more than satisfies! Makes you hunger for more!


This is one of the greatest discussions on economic systems. Your heritage has taught you well, Matthew.

Donald H

What a book that is! So full of learning and basic truths….I was learning or relearning as I read. I can see why Matt’s teaching these people was so important. The basics of government were succinctly summed up and capitalism and its importance explained in a way that is so easy to understand. I really loved the last conversation. The way Matt handled the question of slavery was so kind and so well done. It is so readable and real. Thanks for the opportunity to read and learn.

Linda S.


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