“Why America is Great!” Published

Do you know why America is great? Many Americans do not. Perhaps some have simply forgotten. “Why America is Great!” was written by someone who understands the joy of American freedom, and the pain of its loss, more than most—a federal inmate. That this book was written in a prison cell makes it all the more intriguing. One might rightly wonder how someone who lives in a cold 6’ x 9’ cement cell can love America so much. One might also rightly ask himself if an inmate who has lost his freedom still loves America that much, perhaps all Americans should. Matthew D. Hutcheson, called “America’s Greatest Citizen” (1) by some, explains why America is great in that uniquely special way for which he has become so well known. Hutcheson recounts actual experiences and conversations which he has had with other inmates about America’s founding, slavery, racism, capitalism vs. socialism, how laws are made, who can vote, the differences between political parties, the difference between democracy and a republic, and much more. This book is not ordinary. Its appearance on the scene comes at a time in which it is most needed. This book will inspire, educate, dispel false ideas, and reorient people everywhere towards the nobility and the glory of the American ideal and dream. Every American should read this book. All school-aged children should be given a copy, and parents should read it to them and explain its contents. America’s future will be strengthened by it. America is great. America has always been great. This book explains why. (1) “Is America’s Greatest Citizen a Prisoner?” Paula C. Cannon, Medium.com, 8/14/2019