Presidential Pardon for Matthew Hutcheson

Dear President Trump,

My name is Matthew Donald Hutcheson. I am currently incarcerated in FCI Englewood as a political prisoner for a crime that the Obama Administration fabricated against me, which I DID NOT COMMIT. I have been incarcerated 5 years this July 31. I was accused of 17 counts of wire fraud. I followed the process of the courts to no avail.

The odds have been stacked against me from the start. My constitutional rights have been denied me at every turn. I was targeted by the Obama Administration, chased by an over-zealous U.S. Attorney prosecutor who secured a cheap win at trial by participating in a fraud upon the court, assigned a biased judge from a Federal District that was not my own, and most abhorrently I have been denied the ‘innocent’ monies that are legally, rightfully, and constitutionally mine to obtain my own council of choice. I was forced to have a public defender who had no idea how Washington DC politics or the economic or financial systems work. My jury was not a jury of my peers, but of local laymen who understood nothing of the complex nature of the financial transactions in question and were predisposed to a guilty verdict because of the prosecution’s use of a false narrative about a defunct ski resort that the people of southwestern Idaho were already emotional and angry about due to a previous scandal that happened there.

As you will see in the continuation of this letter, and the supporting documentation in this package, I HAVE NEVER COMMITTED A CRIME IN MY LIFE – THE ONE I AM CURRENTLY CONVICTED OF, OR OTHERWISE. Mr. President, I ask with everything I have to please grant me a Full Presidential Pardon.

For the remainder of Matt Hutcheson’s Pardon packet, please click on this sentence for the Link.

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