2020 Election…Help Your Loved Ones Prepare to Vote

Do you know someone who will vote for the first time (or in a long time) in the 2020 Election?

Matthew D. Hutcheson’s intriguing books, In Defense of America, and Capitalism vs Socialism, can prepare him or her to confidently vote.

The pages you are about to read were written by a federal prisoner, Matthew D. Hutcheson, under the extreme conditions of solitary confinement sometime between November 16, 2015 and March 24, 2016. It was written by pen and paper, without source materials, and transcribed by his mother. It memorializes a five-week prison sponsored class at FCI Terminal Island, California. The class was intended to be about entrepreneurialism, but instead evolved into a political discussion on freedom, socialism, capitalism and more. Prepare to be inspired and informed. This prisoner sourced document, soon to be published as part of a book titled, “Patriot in Prison,” will be one of the most important explanations of liberty and America you will ever read.

Jay Inman, Publisher
Capitalism vs Socialism

The confusing and misleading messages being thrust upon America’s young voters by universities, media, and pop culture is now an epidemic. Never in our history has so much false information been perpetrated upon our own country by it’s own citizens.

Matthew D. Hutcheson’s two mini-books, In Defense of America, and Capitalism vs Socialism, will help you convey important principles and truths to the young voters you love. The books convey important concepts in a way you may have never encountered before.

You will understand why so many Americans care what Matthew D. Hutcheson has to say.

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