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An Unlikely American Hero Has Emerged From An Even More Unlikely Place…Prison

 Chris Wick  July 18, 2019

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He is helping inmates to love America again.

Matthew D. Hutcheson was once one of the most respected financial experts in the United States. He is now, perhaps, the most respected person in America’s prison system.

Such an accolade is not something to which one would normally aspire.

In 2012, Hutcheson was accused of allegedly stealing over five million dollars from two investment trusts, which he served as a trustee. In 2013 he was incarcerated for 17 years and currently resides at the FCI Englewood prison camp near Denver, Colorado.

The allegations against him confused the entire investment industry, as he was considered the least likely investment professional to commit something so heinous.

Over six years later the entire story has still not been told and court records reveal troubling evidence of government misconduct associated with Hutcheson’s prosecution.

Court documents also raise compelling questions about whether Hutcheson did what the government alleged at all.

More suspicions of the illegitimacy of Hutcheson’s conviction were recently stirred when a bar disciplinary hearing was held against Hutcheson’s attorney who is believed to have intentionally sabotaged his appeal.

Yet Mr. Hutcheson sits in prison, with over two million other Americans. If the U.S. prison population were a city, it would be among the country’s 10 largest. This long-ignored demographic feels it finally has a voice in Hutcheson.

A word about Matthew D. Hutcheson is making its way through the prison grapevine to those millions of former inmates and their friends/family amid hopeful cheers for their new hero.

“He is nearly universally trusted,” says James, a retired police officer, who wishes to keep his last name unknown, “with the exception of a small, outlier-group of those who incorrectly believe he betrayed their trust.” (Hutcheson says he deeply regrets the current state of those relationships and hopes those, too, can be restored someday soon.)

A Champion Of The Races In Prison, An American Hero

Hutcheson has won the hearts of every race and ethnicity, without exception. Whether it be his listening ear (the Native Americans call him “Listen” for a reason), his mentoring of dozens of GED students, his teaching English to immigrants, or his teaching business to entrepreneurial-minded young black men, every race respects and trusts him.

“Matthew is a beacon of light. To say this guy is good is a huge understatement. He is fabulous and blessed.” These words were not spoken by his wife or mother. This description comes from John Lamar Jenkins, a black author, educator and former inmate whom Hutcheson met in prison.

Michael Harris, better known as the legendary “Harry-O” from Los Angeles, is the actual founder of Death Row Records. Dr. Dre and Suge Knight were his employees and owe their Death Row Records success to Harris. Hutcheson and Harris became very close friends in prison.

To help free an innocent man from prison, Hutcheson wrote the true story of Frank Banashley, Sr., who is known within the Apache Tribe of Eastern Arizona, as “Wakado” (pronounced “walk-uh-doo).”

Wakado’s story is published as “Quinny,” named after his son.

“It is the stirring story of a man who would do anything for his family, especially for his son. [Hutcheson’s] prose tells the tale from Wakado’s perspective, summarizing the man’s emotional trauma with stark images.” (Kirkus Reviews) “Hutcheson spent 11 months of his life listening, writing, and ultimately publishing Quinny.”

Hispanics love Hutcheson, not only because of his sincere effort to speak Spanish to them whenever possible, but also because he genuinely loves them. “I have known Matthew Hutcheson for more than two years. I have seen him interact with those of other races. He has always treated them, and me, with respect,” says Santos Funez. “That is why everyone respects him,” he continued.

Adoration of 140 Million American.

The adoration of 140 million Americans does not easily go unnoticed. This is the type of attention that turns ordinary men into American Presidents.

Yet Hutcheson is anything but ordinary. In the words of Hilary Ferguson, Hutcheson’s sister, his relationship with, and respect for, the women in his life is remarkable. “He is a devoted husband of 28 years, a father of two beautiful daughters, a loyal and loving son to our mother, and a brother to five sisters who adore him.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, that really says something special about him.” He is the inventor of Save America(tm), an actuarial innovation making affordable access to health care to 30 million Americans a reality. (According to court records, Save America(tm) is at the heart of Hutcheson’s incarceration.)

Hutcheson is now writing the untold story of former Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich, who happens to live just a few doors away from him.

Patrick Williams, a black man from Chicago, and a lover of America invited Hutcheson to participate writing an illustrated children’s book series called, “Jimmy Does Right,” which Williams hopes will inspire inner-city children to make the right decisions throughout their lives.

Retired military officers also observe something special in Hutcheson. Jerry L. Melchisedeck, Sr., Lt Col USAF (ret) says, “Matt exemplifies True Grit. My definition of grit is passion combined with perseverance.”

Jay Inman, Lt Col US Army (ret), is the publisher of “Quinny” and also maintains a blog about Hutcheson called “Bello” means “fight for” in Latin. Inman explained why he launched the blog in 2018: “Many people see life as hard and unfair which robs them of Joy. For Matt, we know that life in the extreme of prison has been far more unfair and harsh than that of most people walking around in free society. Yet, that has not robbed Matt of the strength and power of Joy. That, in turn, feeds his remarkable courage. Brené Brown says “the beginning of courage is a vulnerability.” That is true of Matt, but his courage and Joy make this incredible man a strong oak in a forest of imprisoned, wilting trees.”

Hero or Villain?

Is Matthew D. Hutcheson a hero, or a villain?

The only individuals who have a credible say are the investors the government claims he defrauded. Here is what the leader of the investor group told the court in a letter dated March 22, 2018: “I can speak on behalf of my team [of investors] when I say that we believe that our best interests are (and always have been) in the hands of Mr. Hutcheson.

There are others who hold strong opinions, such as that of Dr. Lee Ofner. “My dear friend, Matthew Hutcheson, is a courageous patriot who loves America. Matt is not bitter about his prison experience and is willing to be in God’s will for whatever He has planned for his future. It is my honor to call Matt my friend. Matt has taught me so much about patience, joy, peace, truly the fruit of the Spirit. We look forward to the day when Matt walks out of prison a free man.”

According to Hutcheson’s investors, his friends, his family, and 140 million Americans, he is a hero. His story is just beginning.

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