ETHOS in Action

An excerpt from ETHOS Book 1, “Defeat the Defeat” is now available as a mini-ebook.

My best friend, Hutch, tells three true stories from his life where he was faced with extremely difficult decisions in each.

In the first story, the consequence of choosing the easy path could have (probably would have) resulted in the death of a vulnerable inmate. Yet, the consequence of choosing the righteous, although more difficult path, could just have easily resulted in the death of both the vulnerable inmate and Hutch. Read what Hutch did in this almost seemingly impossible situation.

In the second story, read about how Hutch’s integrity was tested by prison staff over a period of many months. Any failure by Hutch would have landed him in solitary confinement, again. Yet, he proved his honor and trustworthiness over and over again until the prison warden could not deny it and endorsed Hutch’s release.

Finally, in the third story, after his release from prison, Hutch tells of having been placed in a very high position of trust within the local community. In that capacity he vulnerably shares an experience where he made a mistake in his interaction with a friend and professional colleague. He then explains what actions he took to correct that mistake and repair the relationship with his friend.

In conclusion, Hutch quotes Marcus Aurelius, an emperor of ancient Rome, “Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.” Hutch is the embodiment of Emperor Aurelius’s statement. How Hutch handled each situation in this little book is a model other men can follow when faced with their own nearly impossibly difficult decisions.

“Ethos in Action” is a mini-ebook (flipbook) sold for $9.99. However, for a limited time, my friends get it for $2.99. I hope you buy a copy and tell me your thoughts. I would love to see a conversation begin about it. (Dr. Lee Ofner)

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