Independence Day 2022

Matthew D. Hutcheson and John Lamar Jenkins gave an inspiring Independence Day message today. The following links will enable you to download the content/materials from today’s event. Hope you are as inspired as we were from what these two amazing men had to say!

The link below provides the following:

1. The PowerPoint presentation with all of the content discussed tonight;

2. The relevant excerpts from the book, “Why America is Great!”; and

3. A flyer reminding each of you of the 70% automatic discount at the HUTCHPHILOSOPHY.COM store for “Why America is Great!” You may share the flyer with anyone you choose, but please note that the discount expires on July 11, 2022 (as does this link).


Here is the download link for the video recording of today’s event plus some copyright free patriotic music you can enjoy tomorrow.


Thank you once again for making today’s event so special.

Happy Independence Day 2022!