Matthew D Hutcheson for President? What the World Has to Say
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The world is as interested in American politics as Americans are…perhaps even more so.  It might surprise Americans to know that people around the world hold favorites whom they hope will one day become President of the United States. The five favorites might surprise you. 
1.  Tulsi Gabbard.  Ms. Gabbard is a United States Congresswoman from Hawaii.  She was born in American Samoa in 1981 (age 38) and grew up in a mixed-religion household.  Her father is a practicing Catholic and her mother is a practicing Hindu.  Anyone who watched all or part of the Democratic Presidential Debate on July 31, 2019, watched with delight as Ms. Gabbard sliced-and-diced former California Attorney General, Kamala Harris.  A prediction:  That moment ended Ms. Harris’s chance of being elected President of the United States.  The world cheers for Ms. Gabbard.  She is smart, articulate and attractive.  She instills confidence in people everywhere.  She is tough, too.  She is a combat war veteran and a martial artist.  The world would pay to see her take down Cory Booker in a UFC cage fight.  She is running for President of the United States as a Democrat.    “President Gabbard” and the “Gabbard Administration” sounds quite nice.

2.  Condoleezza Rice.  Her days in political diplomacy may be over, however, the world would still like to see her become President of the United States one day.  She is so elegant and graceful, and at the same time, commands the respect of virtually all men everywhere.  She has a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Denver.  Dr. Rice served as the 66th United States Secretary of State under then President, George W. Bush.  Born in 1954, she is now 65 years old.  She may no longer be interested in jumping back into the fray.  However, having grown up in racially tense Birmingham, Alabama in the 1950’s and 60’s, she may be just what the world needs to calm the waves.  Dr. Rice is a concert pianist.  She is a professor at Stanford University, and as of 2012 was one of only two women to become members of the August National Golf Club.   She commands respect in any room or nation, large or small.  It would not seem strange at all to call her Ms. President or Commander-in-Chief. 
3.  Gayle King.  Although not a politician in the true sense, she easily could be.  She is a professional journalist with CBS and has interviewed some of the most powerful people in the world.  She is utterly unflappable while interviewing volatile individuals such as R. Kelly.   Ms. King spent part of her childhood in Turkey and has earned the respect of people of all races around the world.  Her smooth, comforting demeanor would make her a trust-inspiring President.  Her best friend is Oprah Winfrey, who could give excellent advice about how to communicate difficult or delicate messages to the American people.  Like Condoleezza Rice, Ms. King was also born in 1954, making her 65 years old.  Neither Ms. King nor Dr. Rice is too old given that President Trump was 70 when he was elected.  Americans, and the world, want and need a leader who can unify all people.  Gayle King could do it. 

4.  Matthew D. Hutcheson.  Our favorite prisoner.  Yes, Mr. Hutcheson is a prisoner of the United States.   He is a modern day Nelson Mandela, not because he is black – he is not – (although all people of color love him which is why the world hopes he will be President one day),  but because he has taught the world how to remain hopeful, optimistic, and dignified during extreme adversity and tribulation, just like Mandela did.  Born in 1970, he is 49 years old and has five sisters.  A socio-economic genius, he explained to the United States Congress for the first time in 2007 how Wall Street made its money in an easy to understand way ultimately helping millions of investors.   In 2010 he launched a previously untried way for millions of Americans to gain access to affordable health care.  From prison, he writes a weekly email update describing everything that happens in prison and shares it with friends and family.  Through email forwarding, his weekly updates have gained the following of millions around the world.  Our only complaint is that his family has not made those updates readily available to everyone online.  Those who are not in the down-stream email forwarding network are out of luck.  Perhaps his updates will be published in the future. You can read more great content about Mr. Hutcheson at
5.  Candace Owens.  The most controversial of our Presidential hopefuls, Candace Owens, has become the tip of the spear for common sense political thought.  Born in 1989, she is 30 years old and was raised in Stamford, Connecticut.  Ms. Owens began stirring the political pot when she published the “Red Pill Black”  Youtube channel calling out black people everywhere for blindly following the Democrat party.  Ms. Owens is a primary advocate for Blexit, which is the “Black Exit” movement from the Democrat Party.   She is employed by PragerU, which is owned by radio talk show host, Dennis Prager.  PragerU produces educational materials distributed over the Internet on political thought and philosophy.   With some refining and coaching, Ms. Owens could be a political force in the future.  She is too young to run for President of the United States, but we think she would make an excellent U.S. President down the road.  We are hopeful that “President Owens” will be a reality one day.

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American Politics

Published: August 7th 2019


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