Matthew D. Hutcheson’s Newest Book Published

Something to Think About

Sometimes a reader wants a simple yet profound book. A reader may want to read a sentence here, or a paragraph there, and then take a day to ponder. “Something to Think About” is that type of book. It is a compilation of thoughts, poems and stories written by Matthew D. Hutcheson and by other authors he admires. “Something to Think About” is a “thinker’s book.” If it sounds like it has been written by a philosopher, there is a reason for it. Matthew D. Hutcheson has been called one of the “world’s great living stoics.” (1) One journalist asked if Hutcheson might be “America’s greatest citizen.” (2) Another journalist called him an “unlikely hero” to millions. (3) A Canadian journalist placed Hutcheson in the world’s top five most hoped-for future candidates for American president. (4) Many believe that Matthew D. Hutcheson is in federal prison as a result of a sophisticated political framing. (5) A book written by someone with such global accolades has to be great; “Something to Think About” is. It is a short book with fewer than one hundred pages. But each page packs a punch. Need comfort during turbulent times? Need help strengthening personal and professional relationships? Need help communicating with children? Need clarity about what to do when your world caves in around you? Need understanding about heaven’s role in our lives? Need insight into who we actually are and why we are here? Need reassurance that past mistakes are repairable? Has the 2020 quarantine been difficult for you? Then consider for a moment what you would do if you were placed in a cold solitary confinement cell during winter with nothing more than a thread-worn sheet to keep you warm. Matthew D. Hutcheson actually endured that very scenario for six months and triumphed over it. “Something to Think About” offers much-needed perspective and answers many questions the world desperately needs right now. (1) “Great Living Stoics,”, 8/7/2020 (2) “Is America’s Greatest Citizen a Prisoner?” Paula C. Cannon,, 8/14/2019 (3) “Unlikely American Hero,” Chris Wick, (originally; now at, 7/18/2019 (4) “American Politics . . . Matthew D. Hutcheson for President? What the World Has to Say,” published at &, 8/7/2019 (5) “What Ever Happened to Matt Hutcheson?” Richard Brown,, 10/4/2019