The Philosophy of Hutch™

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“The Philosophy of Hutch™ is a collection of philosophical concepts organized into actionable life-skills by Matthew D. Hutcheson (“Hutch”) while he was in solitary confinement in prison. Hutcheson explains how these concepts and life-skills helped him ‘defeat the defeat of prison.’ The essence of The Philosophy of Hutch™ is that ‘life pain’ is necessary to become an excellent person. Ancient philosophers called personal excellence, ‘virtue,’ and Hutcheson uses that same definition. He further explains that ‘vicissitude makes virtue.’ Life’s unpleasant ‘ups and downs’ are called ‘vicissitude’ and vicissitude can be a significant source of pain. This philosophy will not eliminate the ‘pains of life.’ Such pains are inevitable. However, this philosophy will help a person interpret and respond to those pains in a new and different way. Hopefully, that change of perspective and understanding will alter how the pain seems and feels to that person. If the pain seems and feels different (less), it is in reality different (less). That is the objective. When the ‘pains of life’ are understood to be a good thing, suddenly the pains of life take on new meaning. ‘Pains of life,’ then, are thus no longer the enemy or something to be avoided and fought against, but a friend. Vicissitude makes virtue, and virtue is good. ‘Pains of life’ hurt less when its purpose and meaning become clear; ‘Not that the nature of the [pain] has changed but that one’s power to [endure, embrace, learn from, understand] has increased.’ Thus, the ‘pains of life’ are transmuted into the ‘wisdoms and joys of life.’ And, when pain becomes joy, defeat is defeated.” – From the Editors and Publishers of and The Philosophy of Hutch™.